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Google Your Tube

Last week, I put together a Flash video to help draw attention to “A Gathering of Eagles.” It has had an exceptional response at my site since it was first announced last weekend, and I have since made it available for others to use at their BLOGs and web sites with the request that no one post it at YouTube. I continue to read from people new to the Gathering of Eagles forum(s) and BLOG site asking, “Why don’t we post it at YouTube?”


The answer is simple. YouTube and its corporate parent Google have become part of the Far Left fringe of the MSM. This fact has been evidenced to me by the numerous requests I receive from my colleagues and friends to “capture” a YouTube video for posterity’s sake, before it is removed for “objectionable” content. Of course “objectionable” usually means anything that is conservative, anti-jihad, anti-illegal immigration or anti-liberal. Google takes the same approach when approving “ad-sense” accounts.

Someone I have been associated with for a very long time has just decided to get back to blogging after a year hiatus. If you believe Google and YouTube are not anti-conservative please read “Bamgoogled” at Stop Liberals.

If Not Now, When?

Can a debt ever be repaid to those not here to collect? Can any act or deed we may do, be enough to mark that debt “Paid in Full?” The simple answer is no. The simple truth is that we must never quit trying. “A Gathering of Eagles” has become a clarion call that rings in my ears and pounds in my chest. For many, March 17, 2007 will be just one more time they have answered this call, for others this has become the last-best chance to stand with their brothers and sisters and place a down payment on that debt. That is why I ask the question, “If not now, when?”

I began to write this post last Monday. I have re-written it several times in the past few days. That happens sometimes. I get hung up on a title I like, and then I can’t write something appropriate to match. The working title has always been “If not now, when?” It was this morning while browsing through the forum for “A Gathering of Eagles” that I saw this response to a troll by the name of “Patrick Henry.” Patrick had been goading forum members for several days with the statement “But, I still don’t understand your mission,” or referring to the Vietnam Memorial as a “black wall in a hole.” There were several well reasoned responses worthy of mention, but the following one stuck with me. It was written by a vet who professed to me “…writing has never been one of my strong skills…” My response is, “Your English teacher may have given you a ‘C’ for this response, but your Civics, History and Ethics teachers would have given this an A+. I did.”

The following is reprinted with full permission from the author, John Cut. At his request I have modified minor typos.

Sorry guys, I was lurking the post and decided I had to comment to Patrick

My Dear Patrick,

I once watched a father send his four year old daughter into a group of marines with a live grenade. I always imagined that his last words to her were, “Here; give this to the nice man over there.” This wonderful example of fatherhood was caught by his fellow citizens, before we could react. His body was left in ten lb. pieces. Due to their training, the marines suffered only minor injuries. The little girl never stood a chance. This was one of my “nows.”

Now is a simple moment of time. It is an amount of time, which for the soldier, can last mere fractions of a second, or hours, or days. It always ends the same way, somebody dies. It could be your best friend, a stranger, or the enemy. You need to understand the concept of now.

Now makes big strong warriors jump in front of gunfire to save a little child, a woman or an old man.

Now makes a man jump on top of a grenade to save his buddies.

Now is kneeling at your best friend’s feet, hoping like hell that you do a good job disabling the mine he is standing on, while trembling and shaking as you to try to perform an operation worthy of a heart surgeon and trusting he won’t lift his foot before you’re finished.

Now is trying to put your best friend’s intestines back inside his body, while trying to see through a flood of tears streaming down your face.

Now is lying in a hole while explosions are all around and you piss in your pants and nobody laughs at you.

Now is holding a little child in your arms the enemy has just slaughtered just because he wants to slow you up, while he makes his get away.

Now can make a big, strong, 200 pound man, run screaming from the battlefield, with tears in his eyes.

Now can shut down the very essence of a man’s soul and prevent further contact with the outside world.

Now can make you give up years later, when danger is no longer present.

Now has produced all of our Medal of Honor winners, as well as most of those other medals.

Now can cause two reactions in a solder; one is total self-preservation, the other is total self-sacrifice.

Now always begins with the realization that someone is trying to kill you.

There are no gentle “nows.” Most come in fractions of a second and are accompanied by extreme violence. It sometimes starts with a little whiz above your head and you thank God you heard it, because you never hear the one that kills you. A deep dark red blood is always visible.

Now can not be thought out or reasoned with. It can only be reacted to.

Standing in front of that dark black wall brings back a flood of nows for me and most of the vets I know. The same happens when I see our flag burning.

Most of the vets I know are not articulate, eloquent, word smiths. Most of us are men of action not men of words. You may not find your answer here. I really think in your smug way, you are looking for answers. Sometimes answers take years. I hope you never have to experience an “in the now”.

John Cut

On March 17, 2007 we will be faced with a now moment that poses no eminent danger to our physical mortality. Instead it will be a now of our spirit and souls. If we don’t stand together at the Wall, then what will we stand for? If not now, when?

A Gathering of Eagles

A Gathering of Eagles

“A helpless sparrow can drift with the wind. It takes an “Eagle” to fly against the storm.”

1000 Hours, March 17, 2007
Viet Nam Memorial Wall
Washington, D.C.

There’s not much more that needs to be said. In the meantime, please watch the video. It is a call to action that I hope will inspire at least one more vet to be there. Thanks for taking the time! For more details of the event click here.

Of Pragmatism and Principles

The Gray Dog’s Note: Some of my friends are for this candidate, while some of my friends are not. I am for my friends!

Can one be pragmatic without abandoning one’s principles? Pragmatism versus Principles: In politics, must one always supersede the other?

In recent days I’ve begun to see a number of vets, including friends and colleagues, forming up to support a candidate based upon shared beliefs and principles. Their support is going to a former Vietnam veteran who is a strong conservative, pro troops, pro vets, pro gun, and pro life, with a strong record against illegal immigration. The movement is on, the game is afoot, and my fellow vets, my friends, my colleagues are advocating for Duncan Hunter. Duncan who?

Principled choice? Undoubtedly!

Pragmatic? Hardly.


I don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade, nor do I want to say that the Republican Representative from California’s 52nd district doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of getting the nomination. I don’t want to say it, but I’m going to. Duncan Hunter will not get the Republican nomination in 2008 for president!

It’s not that I don’t like Representative Hunter; I do! I find little that I could or would wish to disagree with him about. I bet he’s a great guy to belly up to the bar with and have a few beers. I have no doubt that, if elected, he would make a good or perhaps a great president. But like I said; Duncan who? I know that most savvy bloggers and blog readers already are aware that no one has been elected President directly from the House of Representatives since Chester A. Arthur in 1880. Perhaps more important to note, is that no major party has nominated a house member for the Presidency since that time. But that’s just the beginning.

John McCain has been running for president for the past six years, Rudy for the last four, and Mitt Romney for the last two. Then there is still the looming presence of Newt. Like them or not, these are the guns that have the money and machinery already locked into place to run a national campaign. I think Duncan Hunter is bright, savvy and above all pragmatic. I would bet that Duncan Hunter has no expectation of being the next President of the United States. So, why is he running?

I can only reasonably offer conjecture for two feasible and pragmatic reasons for him to do so. Scraping the surface with Occam’s Razor would indicate that Hunter is really campaigning to become Vice President. This scenario makes sense in that his deficiencies in manpower, money and name recognition are matched equally by the front runner’s lack of serious Conservative credentials. Somewhere down the road, a match is waiting to be made.

Then there is a second, slightly more cynical reason that might explain Rep. Hunter’s motivation to announce his candidacy. After twenty-six years in Congress (twenty-eight years by the end of his current term), and with the Democrats in control, perhaps it is time to cash out, in the private sector. Let’s face it; in 2008 Duncan Hunter turns 60 while the Republicans will likely remain the minority party. Hunter has the choice to continue as a rank-and-file member of the minority party in the House or he can become Private Citizen Hunter and pursue becoming a consultant or lobbyist while sitting on a few corporate boards. The added résumé caption of “Presidential Candidate” adds a fast 20-30% to his retainers and fees. I don’t say this critically. If he can get it, he’s earned it and more power to him.

My concern is that a lot of my friends are going to jump on a band wagon that is a non sequitur. I would be a fool to suggest that they should not. It’s their life, their vote, their principles. If their will should prevail, and I am found to be wrong, as I often am, I will both humbly and joyfully join in the Hunter campaign. My fear is that people I have come to know and grown to admire will become so totally disillusioned by a failed Hunter candidacy that they will have little gas left to once again join a campaign led by just one more perceived “lesser of two evils.”

But like a friend of mine that recently relinquished Fractured Fairytales in favor of Illusion or Reality, I am forced to deal with pragmatics above fantasy, reality before wishful thinking, the way things are, not the way I would like them to be. For me, to do less would be unprincipled.

Move Over Hugo!

"The other day, the oil companies reported the highest profits in the history of the world. I want to take those profits and I want to put them into a strategic energy fund that will begin to fund alternative smart energy… alternative and technologies that will begin to actually move us toward the direction of independence.”

If I had heard those words pour out of the mouth of Exxon/Mobil Chairman and CEO Rex Tillerson, I might have applauded the sentiment as an exciting new venture by the Oil Giant with the intention of breaking new profit records for years to come. But, when I discovered that this remark was attributed to the bilious bitch that just happens to be a United States Senator, ex-First Lady and current Presidential Candidate, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Laugh, because it has taken less than a week into her official campaign to shed the centrist façade she has carefully fashioned over the past several years. Cry, because there were far too many in attendance with blood-lust in their eyes, gleefully nodding assent instead of shivering with fear from such an outrageous statement. Watch Hillary’s short clip, Socialist, Communist or Thief here.

Only weeks after the anus-faced Venezuelan President, Hugo Chavez, announced his intentions to nationalize his country’s energy companies, causing the Caracas Stock Exchange to crash 19% in one day, the Serpent of the Senate, with just one thirty-second sound bite, has slithered past Chavez in the race to surpass Fidel Castro as the Western Hemisphere’s preeminent Communist voice.

As I indicated earlier, as disturbing as the statement by Hillary the Hideous was, I am equally concerned by her admiring Hordes of Huns, moved to delirium as they contemplated the corporate carrion to be picked over. And to imagine, there are actually American citizens that don’t think Hillary is liberal enough? Just over two years ago, we were concerned that a President Kerry would turn over our foreign policy decisions to socialist Jacque Chirac. Imagine if Hideous the Hun becomes president. Her first summit might be with newly installed Cuban President Raul Castro and Hugo Chavez. Of course First Mate, Bill Clinton could invite his personal friend Kim Jung Il.

In an effort to appease the largest number of high profile American Socialists and Communists wishing to attend the State Dinner honoring our new allies, as well as to lessen the carbon imprint caused by those flying jets to the event, a decision to move the dinner from Washington D.C. to Hollywood would be the reasonable thing to do. I can guarantee that this will be biggest event in Hollywood’s history, surpassing even the expectations of Al Gore’s Academy Award Party scheduled for this March.

In related news, Barak Obama also speaking at the National Democrat Committee Meeting, defied calls for announcing details of a plan for victory in Iraq, or a plan for withdrawal from Iraq, or just any plan. Instead, he continues to run on a platform of “hope” and a rejection of “cynicism.” Watch Obama talk for five minutes while saying nothing by clicking here and selecting “The Politics of Smallness.” At least he looks clean??

Dear Nancy’s ReBUTTal

Dear Nancy’s Note: While the Gray Dog has been kept busy doing the necessary techie work he does, whatever, I have been asked to fill in. Unfortunately, as soon as I leave for my important mission to Iraq, I learn that this mongrel has been working behind my back to create another website for some upstart Conservative threat by the name of Rurik to continue piling on my constituents during my absence. Well enough is enough!


It seems America’s most powerful woman just can’t leave the country for a couple of days without a lot of miscreant Conservatives taking advantage of my absence to savagely attack the constituents of my district for their own particular political agenda. It started almost as soon as I boarded Congress One for my flight to Baghdad, with the unfair attacks over San Francisco’s progressive sick leave ordinance. C’mon Rurik! Progressive lifestyles call for progressive benefits. You yourself state in your article Different Types of Butts that “…Aids seems to be a far more expensive malady, on a per-patient basis…(which) seems to take decades, and usually ends with years of expensive care in the hospital.” So I ask you; who else needs and deserves more sick days? You then go on to attack the “Gay Lifestyle,” by comparing it to a fictitious “Smoking Lifestyle.”

First, let’s set the lifestyle record straight, (no pun intended); there has not been a serious “Smoking Lifestyle” since the 1970’s, which I might add was more prominent in my district than anywhere else in the country. Let’s face it Bubba, San Francisco leads the nation when it comes to lifestyle diversity. But now, we are in the 21st century and to compare smokers to gays is ludicrous. Smokers don’t have a lifestyle, as is evidenced by the following:

  • When was the last time you attended a “Smoker’s Pride Parade?”

  • Have you ever picked someone up in a “Smoker’s Bar?”

  • Have you ever been invited to a Civil Union Ceremony between two smokers?

  • Are there any “Smoker’s Clubs” at your local high school or college?

  • Is there a sin tax collected on condoms or flavored body oils?

  • Is there a district in any major U.S. city referred to as “Smoker’s Town?”

  • Do you sell or distribute black ribbons to raise awareness of lung cancer?

  • Do smokers have their own newspapers and magazines?

  • Other than Barak Obama, are there really any prominent smokers still in the closet?

  • I don’t see any hospitals with Gay cessation programs.

  • There is no patch, gum or lozenge to inhibit homosexuality.

  • Do you see any separate Gay sections in bars or restaurants?

  • The Surgeon General hasn’t required warning labels for gerbils!

  • You can’t buy cheap homosexuals at Indian Casinos!

  • And you don’t see homosexuals forced to take their breaks out doors behind the building. Well most of the time you don’t.

So, I hope your first day of blogging at your new site has been a pleasure. With your attitude against progressives, and your confused perspective about what constitutes a lifestyle, I’m sure you will not be around during the next legislative session when I will call for a new military smoking policy which I have named, “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”

Veteran-American Voices: The Adventure Continues.

It is with a mixture of joy and sorrow, excitement and melancholy, that I announce the creation of a new BLOG: Veteran-American Voices. I make this announcement with mixed emotions, because as exciting as it is for those of us responsible for its creation, Veteran-American Voices was not born without a cost. While there will be no airing of “family business” in this post, it is impossible to herald this new entrant into the cacophony of the blogosphere without recognizing its roots at Old War Dogs. Eventually, it will become apparent to regular readers at each BLOG that many of the new “voices” are no longer barking at OWD.

Right now I feel like the older child that has been given the choice of which divorcing parent to live with. Like any other precocious teen or pre-teen faced with this decision, I’ve decided to make no choice. In other words I plan to spend some time with both.

Actually, it is a very conscious and self-serving choice to participate with each BLOG. It is my hope each group will continue to meet and participate at what currently is known as the Old War Dogs Forum. I say “currently known as”, because I plan to incorporate both BLOGs banners at the Forum, and to have unique domain names from each BLOG that point to it. So, while you can continue to go to the forum at, soon you will also be able to find yourself at the same place by going to How I will blend the look to make each group feel at home remains to be seen.

I know the forum is off to a slow start. But as the campaign seasons heat up, I think the forum will become a lively arena. I wish to thank all of you that have continued to post there through this slow post-election season, thereby keeping a spark of life glowing.

But, enough about the forum. Today, a BLOG is born. Please visit and read an Inaugural Post by Rurik at Yes, if it says, you’re at the right place. We hope you’ll bookmark us and make us a favorite.

A Loss for America is a Win for Democrats

A few years ago, I mentioned to a friend, that I was concerned about a recent visit to my doctor. I explained to him that I was a bit unhappy over what I viewed as the doctor’s overly aggressive suggestions for changing my unhealthy lifestyle. After listening a few moments, my friend just smiled and said, “If you don’t like what your quack has to say, its time to find another quack!”

It would appear that President Bush has received the same sage advice, prompting him to make more fourth quarter substitutions in Iraq than Bobby Ross made during Army’s loss to Navy last month. After sitting on a substantial first half lead, the jeers of restless fans on Capitol Hill became deafening as Dubya’s team continued a failed “stay the course” strategy of running the ball straight up the middle. Responding to fan pressure, Bush has now benched Casey and Abizaid and sent in Fallon and Petraeus with hopes that a last minute “Hail Mary” might swing momentum back in favor of the good guys. But, before the substitutes could even take the field, the Congressional officiating crew was blowing whistles and throwing yellow flags while screaming, “Too many players on the field!”

I’m a member of Old War Dogs. As such, I usually am not lacking an opinion on most topics. However, I seriously doubt that my four years of Air Force experience that began as an eighteen year old, over thirty-six years ago, qualifies me to evaluate or pass judgment on the current “surge” strategy involving the additional deployment of over 20,000 troops to Iraq. I’ll leave that to other pundits and the few at OWD that have had actual command level experience in a real wartime theater of operation. I’m sure that even at OWD you will find opposition on the question, “to surge or not to surge.”

I have heard and read a lot of opinions on why the “surge” is right and wrong, good and bad, can work and can’t work. I marvel at the double-speak employed by leftist politicians who believe the call for additional troops is redemption for retired General Eric Shinseki yet is somehow now the wrong thing to do. Or, the Congressional Democrats, who last month vilified Generals Casey and Abizaid as mere puppets of George Bush’s “Stay the Course” policies, but now are hailing them as reasoned, experienced military leaders whose opposition to additional forces is sound military policy. I guess the only way to summarize Congress and the mainstream media is they were for increased troop levels before they were against them.

What I don’t hear or read, is any responsible Democrat stating that they would like the “surge” to work. When was the last time anyone heard Kerry, Pelosi, Reid or Hillary express a desire for the U.S. military to be successful? Well? Instead you have the Botox Bitch’s cynical quip, “The president knows that because the troops are in harm’s way that we won’t cut off the resources. That’s why he’s moving so quickly to put them in harm’s way,” demonstrating that the Democrat’s focus will always be to defeat Bush; not radical Islamic fanatics. Every liberal utterance and policy is calibrated to ensure America’s defeat as it is the primary Democrat strategy for future electoral success.

George W. Bush, like all of his predecessors, is not a perfect president, but his is one of the few voices left in Washington still calling for an American victory. His methods may be subject to second guessing, but no one should question his intent or his sincerity. Perhaps one of his most serious flaws has been his inability to define what victory is and communicate that definition to the American people. Many Americans are not satisfied with the current administration tag line of “leaving behind a stable Iraqi government.” A stable Iraqi government is neither why we went to war nor an end, in and of itself. It is merely an essential ingredient in the larger Global War on Terror and securing vital American interests that include eliminating Iran’s nuclear ambitions and stemming Iranian influence throughout the region, securing the uninterrupted flow of Iraqi oil and eliminating safe havens for terrorists groups to name a few.

Reasonable people may disagree as to the advisability of the new “surge” strategy. But once the decision has been made to deploy the additional troops, wouldn’t it be a wonderful sight to see Americans unite behind a common cause instead of watching liberals actively working to see it fail. Shouldn’t all Americans be united by the hope of victory? What part of “United we stand, divided we fall,” do the Democrats not understand? Why is the only difference between the editorials of the New York Times and Al Riyadh the language they are printed in? Why is it that the new Democrat majority in Congress finds it appropriate to offer feckless Congressional decrees condemning the President’s actions? And now that a flood of Democrat wannabes are forming exploratory committees almost on a daily basis, when did Henry Clay’s immortal words become the twisted mantra, “I’d rather be President than right!”

Standing amidst the trees in the forest, it is difficult to know if we are trying to secure victory in the Iraq War, or simply trying to survive a skirmish that will be come to be known as the “Battle of Iraq,” within the context a decades long War on Terror. I fear the Islamic threat. I dread the Democrat’s response.

American Idol Debuts

I am not a wizard or a pundit. But, as a former Illinois resident, I had the opportunity, missed by most of the country, to watch Barak Obama rise out of nowhere to become another lightweight ultra-liberal U.S. Senator from the state that gave us Carol Mosley Braun and Dick Durbin. Because of that experience, I was quick to point out his undeniable star quality when I wrote “American Idol Mystique” on December 3rd 2006. I now find it incredibly amusing if not prescient, that Obama should announce the formation of his “Presidential Exploratory Committee” on the same day that the newest season of “American Idol” debuts.


Now the next logical step is a formal announcement of his candidacy which has already been announced for February 10, 2007. I linked that announcement in my early December article with Oprah Winfrey. Watch for it!

In today’s announcement, Obama said, “It’s not the magnitude of our problems that concern me the most; it’s the smallness of our politics.” This eerily reminds me of Nancy Pelosi’s remark; “Iraq is not a war to be won, but a problem to be solved.” Are they sharing speech writers?

Sorrowfully, Obama is at the root of the smallness of our politics. A Chicago “machine politico,” who owes his career to the likes of indicted dealmaker Antoin “Tony” Rezko and someone that earned the American’s for Democratic Action’s liberal quotient of 100% for 2005, has a mind that is both small and closed.

For two months before the midterm elections, The Gray Dog attempted to put the face of Nancy Pelosi up front. As usual, I was swatted with a newspaper across my snout and told to go lay down. The result is that we are now subjects of Queen Nancy. Now, for two months I’ve been warning that Obama will be on the next national Democrat ticket. If we allow that to happen, the fools in this country will elect that ticket. If Kerry was scary, this snake-charming-son-of-a-Muslim is downright terrifying because he will lull most of Middle America to sleep with his syrupy charm. Did I say sleep? Or did I mean sleeper? It’s getting downright impossible to distinguish Liberals and Islamists nowadays. So for now, Obama has joined Dear Nancy as the Gray Dog’s cause celebre. Who knows? Perhaps there will be a new column appearing opposite of Dear Nancy: Watch for Dear Hussein. Coming Soon!

I know; I’ll be labeled a racist, alarmist, hatemonger, etc. I don’t care. I know that I’m not. But, I will do or say anything to keep this insignificant speck of fly %$*t from going any further. The gloves are coming off.


The true story of what happened in Oz before Dorothy landed. Also, click on the TGD Media page tab at the top. All of the Gray Dog’s videos have been reformatted for the flv player. Faster loading and streaming ala YouTube.

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